Five Children’s Dentists in Seattle – Find a Pediatric Dentist in or Around Seattle

While there are children’s dentists in Seattle who practice in general dentistry clinics, choosing one who practices at a kid’s dental clinic has some benefits. Children’s dentists, also called pediatric dentists, have experience calming kid’s fears and performing oral care procedures in ways that are as comfortable for children as possible. When you combine these skills with support staff who are also trained to set children at ease and waiting and exam rooms that are designed to be kid-friendly, young patients get an overall positive experience. If you’re looking for children’s dentists in Seattle, here are some clinics to consider.

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Dr. Patrick A. Fleege
Staff at Dr. Patrick Fleege’s office take time to set children at ease with dental equipment and dental care procedures before they start work. In fact, they’ve developed a special method they call “show, tell, do” for helping kids understand what their dental appointment will involve. Rather than having a full exam the day they meet the new dentist, children and their parents are invited for a first meeting to get aquianted. Kids can get to know the dentist, look around the office, and get a quick exam, too. The child then comes back for a comprehensive oral exam. Afterwards, the dentist will advice parents on any treatment that may be necessary and on how to prevent problems in the future. This is a children’s dentist, though, and the office takes fun almost as seriously as they take dental care. An antique pinball machine, video games, and kids’ movies are all available to help your child relax before the appointment. The Web site also contains information for parents on providing dental care for children and ideas on places to go with your kids while you’re in downtown Seattle for the appointment.
Patrick A. Fleege, D.D.S, INC, PS
Dentistry for Children and Teens
509 Olive Way, Suite 1024
Medical Dental Building
Seattle, Washington 98101
Tel: (206) 622-6696

Bellevue Kids’ Dentist (
At the Bellevue Kids’ Dentist, the dentists’ philosophy is to treat every child as they would want their own child to be treated. They understand each child has unique needs, in terms of both dental care and personality, and they make sure every young patient receives care that meets his or her individual needs. This also means they’re willing to be creative in how they provide for children’s dental needs. That said, they understand that parents are ultimately the ones responsible for guiding their child in developing healthy oral care habits. After an examination, the dentist will discuss child’s needs and treatment with the parents. They’re willing to invest time in helping parents understand not only what to expect as their child’s teeth develop and how to ensure they stay healthy, but in passing along tips and trick for everyday practicalities like getting kids to brush regularly. The Web site provides a well-developed FAQ section for parents, too.
Bellevue Kids Dentist
2150 112th Ave NE, #A
Bellevue, Washington 98004
Tel: (425) 455-0784

Lynnwood Children’s Dentistry (
This practice is run by a married couple of specialists in pediatric dentistry with an understanding of child psychology. Much of kids anxiety about the dentist comes not from previous appointments, but from how adults talk about dentist appointments. At the Lynnwood Children’s Dentistry, they understand this and take care to present dental care as something un-intimidating and even pleasant. They avoid words like “pull” and “drill,” rephrasing them to words that don’t scare kids so much. These dentists have taken the time to really notice what their young patients like and dislike and build their procedures around what works. For instance, they’ve seen that children over the age of three are more at ease during their appointment if they can be independent in a kid-friendly environment. Because of this, offices are designed towards helping kids relax and even have fun while their parents stay in the waiting rooms. At the Web site, you can print out motivational charts to help your child remember to brush or break the habit of thumb sucking.
Lynnwood Children’s Dentistry
20102 Cedar Valley Road
Suite 105
Lynnwood, WA 98036
Tel: (425) 774-1285

Children’s Dental Care (
The offices of Children’s Dental Care are totally designed for kids. Model trains wind around the office, kid-friendly themed decor brightens the exam rooms, and the dental chairs are equipped with movie screens so children watch a movie or cartoon during treatment. Their approach to kids dentistry is about more than just toys, though. Staff focuses on gentleness and viewing oral care treatments from a kids perspective in order to help children understand and enjoy their time at the dentist. They also place emphasis on keeping parents informed about how good nutrition and proper oral care at home helps keep kids’ teeth healthy. Parents are encouraged to bring their little ones back every six months for a check up so they can get full reports on the children’s oral health and development. The office is in Kent, so if you’re looking for a Seattle children’s dentist, but you’re in the south end of Seattle, consider Childrens Dental Care.
Childrens Dental Care
24837 104th Ave Ste 200
Kent, WA 98031
Tel: (253) 850-1234


Children’s Hospital Dental Clinics (
Consider Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center if your child has more complex dental care needs, such oral or jaw lesions or tumors or needs treatment that will require general anesthesia. The dentists at Children’s are also experienced at providing basic dental care children with medical problems or development delays. One reason they can provide such involved care is that dentists aren’t the only practitioners providing care in the Children’s Hospital dental clinics. Dental care teams are made up of medical practitioners from as many disciplines as it takes to provide the best care for the child. The Clinics specialties are dental and jaw injuries and treating cleft palate and other craniofacial disorders. Infants, children, and young people up to the age of 17 can receive care at either the main location on Sand Point Way or the Odessa Brown Dental Clinic on Yesler Way.
Seattle – Hartmann Building
4575 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Tel: (206) 987-2000

While there’s no shortage of dentists in Seattle, it’s worth taking some time to find the right Seattle children’s dentist for your little ones. Kids who have good first experiences at the dentists are less likely to fear future appointments and more likely to develop good dental care habits. With the good selection of pediatric dentists in Seattle, it’s easy to give your kids the chance to have some fun at their dental appointments.