Waterlase Dental Laser – Hype or Hope?

There are always new technologies coming to market that can be quite exciting if correctly implemented. With the swiftly blowing winds of change afoot, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the “out-with-the-old; in-with-the-new” ethos is ripe for the plucking. One of these new technologies is the Waterlase Dental Laser from Biolase Technology. The Waterlase is an exciting new product which looks to try and do its best to usurp the drill in the dental chair. Many patients will be thrilled with any drill alternative which is safer, quicker, and less painless. Still, tried and true traditions like the drill are hard for some who are suspicious to let go of. But what is the Waterlase? How does it work? How does the Waterlase stack up against more traditionally implemented drills and such?

What is Waterlase: The Waterlase is a laser which uses hydrokinetic energy to “cut teeth.” This laser beam from the Waterlase is energized by a stream of water which can remove enamel, dentin, tooth decay, as well as cavities. This technology seems to be the way that dental wizardry is heading; if you find fear in the use of hydrokinetic technology (powered by water) then the drill will always be in some dental offices of tomorrow.

Waterlase Dental Laser

How Can Waterlase Benefit Me: The Waterlase dental experience is far superior to the traditional drugs and drill experience. The fact is that the lingering after effects of a drill make the use of a drill in dentistry cumbersome; a total other step. Moreover, the fact that the human bodies response to anesthesia is wide and varied indeed, make the Waterlase an even more exciting option. How does the Waterlase do this? Well the Waterlase laser beam creates its own “numbing effect” which can not only minimize to eliminate the need for anesthesia but the heat from the Waterlase all but stops bleeding from the gums and assists in blood clotting. This fact means that the Waterlase does two fundamental things: speeds up healing time and reduces pain.

Is the Waterlase Safe: The Waterlase has been in use since 1998. Its approval for use by the US FDA for use on tooth tissue was followed up a mere two days later with their approval for use everywhere in the mouth; including the gums. So not only can folks who have dental issues with their teeth take advantage of the Waterlase but the Waterlase can be used for gum disease treatment too.

If you’re tired of the drugs and drills regimen that you seem to be going through time and time again with your dentist; ask about technologies like the Waterlase Dental Laser.